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“Interview”, “Entretien de Face à Face” (face-to-face interview). In this regard, in 1958, Charles Nahoum has revealed the difference between “Entretien Psychologique” as “Entretien Psychologique” (Psychological Interview, Speech) and the difference between the Entretien Mené Psychologiquement “(psychological interview, speaking). Later, CARL Rogers used the terms Carl Rogers, “face-to-face interview-aid interview”. The scope of the face-to-face conversation is wider than to be handled here. Of a psychotherapist, a psychologist, a top 376

The level administrator also includes items from the negotiations of a doctor, an officer, a worker, a dealer, a teacher, a public relations specialist, or even the call of the father. This conversation is a journalist’s job interview with the news source ie the news interview. This type of conversation (face-to-face interview): “between two persons, a certain purpose, or to solve a direct or indirectly concerned issue, or from the parties to one of the parties, or by the parties is a call that aims to recognize and understand one. ” However, this conversation is not sufficient to have the purpose of the interview. The most important condition is that the person who prepares this interview, regulating or initiating the person’s personality of the opposite party. To say it is very frequently used among the people, it is the only condition of this kind of interview. In other words, it is necessary to never forget the opposite side, thoughts, beliefs, feelings, self-specific detection, understanding form and to try to get to know him. Of course, importantly, the person must be self-identified. Communication is generally unaffedably carried out as the formula (Source-Message-Encoder-Publication-Channeli-Code Solvent-Message-Target Mass) formula. Communication is a doubtful and uncertain, versatile event most of the results: “It’s even not listening to me.” “,” The mind was elsewhere. “,” He listened to me with its only ear. ” Capes such as are the most prominent examples of the difficulty of real communication. Here’s the messenger, all the scientific in hand doing his duty377

Era will be able to take advantage of the person in the opposite to the potential dangers that may prevent the transfer of information. 15. 6. Job (news) interview 1- make an appointment. Make a few minutes before the appointment time. Never delay. 2- Review your information on the subject you will see. 3- Find the person you will see and have information about the institution you are going to. 4- Prepare the questions you will ask in advance. May your questions be short, clear and open. Questions are the feature of getting information, not inquiry. 5- A main topic of your interview be the subject of one-two. 6- Be prepared for the questions that can be directed to you during the interview. Be aware of that day’s agenda. 7- Your outfit is up to date and properly, your shoes are painted. Do not drive the driving odors. Do not make excessive make-up. 8- Do not engage in coercion behavior.

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