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The AK Party’s fall of the chairs of the chair is to increase the number of independents and to evaluate the HDP independently in the distribution of parties in the commissions. By writing the AK Party Group to the AK Party Group, the AK Party wanted to discharge one membership in two commissions. One of the 16 members falling on the AK Party in the AK Party in the AK Party in the Review Commission of the Human Rights and the AK Party in the Equality Commission in the Male Opportunity Equality Commission. With the ejaculation of one of the 16 membership falling on, these membership will be able to apply HDPs and independents. The President of the Assembly previously had requested the HDP’s representation from the CHP from the CHP, with the Plan and Budget with the Budget and the EU Membership in the EU Compliance Commission. While the CHP meets this request, MHP had not embedded memberships in two commissions on the grounds that the HDP cannot be represented in the commissions as the NPP is not a group, despite the two posts of the TBMM Presidency. AA

Yakup Akkaya, the President of the All-Bel-Sen General President Omer Salih Erol, the General President of Democratic Educators, the General President Gürkan Hunci and the Board members of the Board of Directors in the ChP headquarters and evaluated the operation of corruption and bribery. In his speech, to cover several corruption of the Court of Auditors report if they are in another country, the attempted abduction of Parliament, the government and draw attention to stop for a minute, even over the relevant ministers Akkaya, “Unfortunately brazenly in Turkey,” Yavuz suppresses have thier home “like trying to be covered up. ” said. “Unions should remove the sound without fear” Akkaya said that the subject will not be evaluated as an act of morality of the subject, in the countries where the organized society in democracies are strong, they asked the accounts of these events of the non-governmental organizations. unfortunately organized society is weak in Turkey, due to pressure and threats by the political power of trade unions and civil society organizations suskunlaş pointing CHP Akkaya, democracy in this country, but stressed there might be with the strengthening of organized society. By stating that the Akkaya, unions, fearful worker should make it more powerful for the rights of the labor, all unions and Democratic Mass Organizations in this Corruption and theft inhabited to these corruptions and thefts of the beholder. UNIVERSE

MHP’s annival from Karakaya, Mansur Slow interpretation of MHP General Vice President and Ankara Metropolitan Municipality President Mevlüt Karakaya is the one who has a good and level election racing when Mansur is slowly reminded from CHP. During the visit to Mevlüt Karakaya, Turkish-Business General President Ergün Atalay, the Greater Municipality candidate from CHP is slowly reminded of the opponent of the Municipality candidater, said: “Democratic race. We have rivaled on the same way at the same way yesterday. Today, we have worked for the same place on the same road. Today, we have worked for the same place. We’re competitors. Dear slow, changed his party. We’re supervised to get Ankara in this way. We are doing all the preparations in this direction. The opinions of Ankara are the future of the future of Ankara, they will recognize the thoughts of the parties, and they will make a decision. Wishing you have a good race to be a leveled choice. ” In Ankara, 4 million people will vote, approximately 4 million population will vote in Ankara, stated that they want to open ankara’s horizons of Ankara, and to explain the projects, thoughts and visions they want to do in mass communication.

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